TVC Recognition Award

  Each year the TVC Recognition Award is presented to an individual, or couple, who has made a significant contribution to the square dancing community.

We are pleased to announce the 2011 TVC Recognition Award goes to Ferrous & Karen Steinka.

Ferrous and Karen love to square dance and can be seen often at many dance venues within the area.  They currently belong to 3 local clubs, which include the Eager Beavers, Hoedowners and Plus Knights.

Karen and Ferrous are outgoing and friendly, always quick to give you a hug or shake your hand.  They excel in mentoring new dance couples, making sure they are kept informed ANd made to feel welcome.

Acting as ambassadors of square dancing, they stay actively involved promoting upcoming dances and events, and utilize a variety of print media such as photos and articles.

Ferrous and Karen also act as webmasters for several of the TVC dance clubs, plus others around the area.  Ferrous developed and implemented several club web sites on his own, and now he and Karen work to maintain the ever changing information shown online.

In addition to maintaining each individual club information, Ferrous has developed a variety of useful square dancing related tools, lists and links about the local area and beyond.

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