TVC Recognition Award

Each year the TVC Recognition Award is presented to an individual, or couple, who has made a significant contribution to the square dancing community.

We are pleased to announce the 2017 TVC Recognition Award goes to Andis Garuts.

Andis is a well-known figure at TVC club dances. He is welcoming and encouraging to all. When Andis visits your club you can be sure he will be announcing the next upcoming Valley Squares, Tualatin Timbers Squares, or TVC dance with clarity and precision.

Andis started square dancing in 2004 and joined Valley Squares. He has served as club treasurer from 2006 to the present, as well as, doing duty as club secretary for one year. Andis was an early supporter and member of Tualatin Timber Squares.

Andis is an enthusiastic member of the square dance community, dancing 3 or mores times per week regularly with clubs such as Valley Squares, Hoedowner.s, Tualatin Timber Squares, Toe Draggers, and TriSquares. He angels mainstream lessons for multiple clubs, as well as, helping at round dancing lessons.

The TVC recognizes in Andis a true desire to connect with people through dancing. Andis has worked tirelessly to promote the TVC and its clubs. His service as a delegate from Valley Squares and as secretary of the council is deeply appreciated.

With thanks and gratitude we offer Andis our sincerest congratulations on displaying a spirit of service in pursuit of square dance.

Presented this 22rd day of January, 2018
Dale Brabham
President, TVC

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